Worship Post-fessional, September 7, 2008

Worship Set Today
Love The Lord (Brewster)
Great Things (Week 2)--I just love this song. Today I tied it with the scripture vs (Lk 1:46) so that people can reference it in their walk.
Be Thou My Vision (Hymn)
You Are My All In All (Jernigan)

Majesty (Martin Smith)---we haven't done this one in almost 2 years. I forgot how good it is--and how high it is. Really hard for the Bass (Men) to sing.
Message-Enemy of Community (however, our Pastor and his wife are currently at the ER waiting on the birth of their daughter--so our Spiritual Formations pastor stepped in and talked about Community groups
Lord's Supper
From the Inside Out (Houston)--second week on this one too! We're staying a little longer on songs so people can own them.
The Power of Your Love
Introduction of New Members--12 new members in the last month.

This post is part of Sunday Set List over on Fred McKinnon's site.


dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

I really like your communion set up. Nice touch.

Anonymous said...

Great blend of some "old" and new stuff.

Gary Durbin said...

Yes, great blend. "Be Thou My Vision" has got to be one of the greatest lyrical hymns ever.

beth said...

Ah - some of my favorites! I love the Jernigan piece - timeless. 'From the Inside Out' and 'Majesty' both very powerful. Must have been a strong service....

Jim Drake said...


BE THOU was a late addition this morning since our Pastor was out... but it worked well.

How was your day?

Jim Drake said...


From the Inside Out has become the theme song for this series.. the kids are learning it in their morning sessions and then they sing it with their parents in worship--being very intentional about inter-generational worship.

Rob Petrini said...

Really like the communion set up... it's really inviting!

Nathan Tasker does a great version of "Be Thou...", we're guitar strong on our worship band so his version helps us quite a bit.

Great set, thanks Jim.

Jim Drake said...


Thanks.. We had 5 stations around the room. This was the main one, but each of the others were decorated similarly.

Anonymous said...

"From the Inside Out" is one of my favs, great set!!