Creative Chaos-My Church Has A Blog--Oh My!

As part of our new series, "THE BIG PICTURE", we created a blog on Wordpress for our people to continue the conversations from Sunday mornings teaching and worship experience.

It will be interesting to see over the coming weeks how many people jump into this new form of communication in the church.  I'm excited to see some new bloggers come online as we use this new tool.

Does your church have a blog?

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simple christfollower said...

We don't have an official blog yet, but this is on my agenda for our staff. I will be encouraging the LT and lead pastor. I love the idea of extending the conversation past Sunday morning!

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Nope, no official blog. Our pastor tried a long time ago, but it just didn't fit him. We can't even get him to use facebook. lol. Seriously! And he is in his 30’s.
I am amazed in this day and age, how many of our people are not digitally savvy. And they are in the supposed right age demographics.
I noodle over this often. In fact I’ve been noodling over this for several years.
I tell you gone is the day of defining groups by age. The biggest divide is whether people utilize digitally enhanced/enabled media or not. I call it GENd. There are “thems that do” and “thems that don’t”.
It is no longer an age thing. This concept crosses all the age defined boundaries.
I made a conscious decision to be digitally connected. Because the unchurched/dechurched people that I hang out with are digitally connected. It’s not about what I am comfortable with, but has to do with being able to connect with those who are far from God. It permeates every aspect of my life.
Just observe for awhile and see if what I am saying is true or not.
Sorry, I went on and on about this, but this is one of my HOT buttons.

Anonymous said...

You did not know how hip I am


Jim Drake said...


I know you have two hips!!!