Something Old Something New

In honor of the political conventions which have taken over our TV for the last two weeks, here are somethings that I have been reading and have discovered.

I spent way too much time this week watching the DNC convention (mostly to know what was being said) and I suppose I'll do the same this week with the RNC.
Something Old

Straight from the convention, this blog was a sight of on the floor information.  Althought obviously not objective, it gave me great behind the scene information ( like the lead on the stage designer that I posted about last Monday).

Something New

This will be the companion site to the DNC--although they're not giving me as much behind the scene info so far.  I hope that will change over the week.

Ok, I bit the bullet and am following the RNC for this week.  Probably won't keep it after this week.

Live video feed from the convetion floor.  Just like being there.