Devestation in Galveston

I'm looking at pictures today from Hurrican Ike on Galveston Island.  I'm shocked at the devestation.

We were part of the beautiful island of Galveston this last July when we had Family Camp at the Hawthorn Suite (Victorian Inn)

It was our hope to return to Galveston some time soon in the future to enjoy it's charm and beauty.  We'll have to wait and see how fast it recovers.

An amazing side fact, my Grandfather survived the storm of 1900 and came away with a piece of furniture ( a chest of drawers) that is still in our family.  Wonder what will survive this time?

Say a prayer for the people of Galveston and those affected by Ike.


chuck harris said...

galveston is one of my favorite cities as well. i love the Strand and the Balinese Room. Amy and i love to go eat at the Spot. i'm pretty sure i saw a picture where all that was left of the Balinese was the pylons in the water. sad thing that bit of history is now gone.