Worship Post-fessional, September 14, 2008

Worship Set:

Because of Your Love (Baloche)
From The Inside Out (Houston)
Scripture Readings (The One Another passages from Scripture)
You Are My King (Foote)

Morning Message-Brad Gartman (Brad grew up in our church and is co-pastor CHURCH AT THE SPRINGS in Houston, Tx. He was here this week to talk to our leadership and church about Small Group (Community) Ministry that begins in a week here)

*Congregational Take Away (See Below)
From The Inside Out (Reprise)
Knowing You (Kendrick)You Gave Your Life Away (Baloche)

Congreagational Take Away:
We always try to think of something (if appropriate) that we can give away at the end of the service to reinforce the teaching of the day. Today we gave away Mason Jars-filled with a cookie receipe. The instructions were for the people to take the receipe and do one of two things with it. (1). Make the receipe of cookies and include a tall glass of tea with it and take it to a neighbor. (2) Fill the jar with the ingredients (layered--kinda like a sand scultpure) and take it to a neighbor to share about community.
We also launched our next Series promo THE BIG PICTURE with 4X4 glossy cards with the logo and series information on it. We instructed them to take them to work and to give them out all week long as we get ready for this 14 week series of God's Plan for The Ages. I got them from PS PRINT for $134--2500 of them!! We're also starting a blog for this series.

I'll be away from worship leadership for the next 2 Sundays.  My good friend Rich Smith will come and lead in my place.

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Fred F. McKinnon said...

I'll be away the next two Sundays, too!

HOw did ya'll fare in the storm? Your preacher today was from houston??

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Love tie ins...Great idea, really links well with your "on the porch"...
i can't wait to see the new set.

Bobby Gilles said...

I love the cookie/Mason jar idea.

Anonymous said...

We did "From the Inside Out" too, great song!
Love the mason jar idea!

Jim Drake said...


Where you going? I'm going to see Mark Jaffrey!

No hurricane stuff here..too far away. But it probably destroyed the place where we did family camp this year. It was on the Seawall Blvd. Preacher today was the guy we had from Family Camp--he's a native and luckily escaped Houston this way (already scheduled) so we had a good time with him about his house. He didn't laugh.

Jim Drake said...


New set coming up slowly.

We have a funeral on Tuesday which is delaying most of the installation. Just trying to get the big pieces in before i leave.

Jim Drake said...


Thanks for the props. it was a brainstorm we had--and trying to find Mason jars at the end of canning season was hard. Note to self--check seasons before being creative.

Take care

Jim Drake said...


We've sung it as a theme song for the series. We'll let it rest for a while--but I think we'll come back to it again soon, and even stronger after it's marinated for a while.

David Lindner said...


I too am a fan of your takeaway. I'm going to be pushing for us to do it. We're in the middle of a series right now that it would work perfectly for. Thanks for being willing to share your creative ideas with the rest of this blogging community. We all make each other better by doing that.


Jim Drake said...


Thanks for the props.

Just trying to share the love...when I need an idea, I come to you guys too.


Anonymous said...

I love You Are My King. You can go so many places with that. Is that Graham Kendrick on the take away? His stuff is always top notch. Good list.

Jim Drake said...


Yep--Knowing You (Kendrick).

Gary Durbin said...

Because of Your Love is greatness. Very fun song.