Creative Chaos-A Christmas Family Tradition

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Each year since Diane and I have been married, we have picked up an ornament from a vacation spot or special event through the year. Beginning with our honeymoon (the Mickey and Minnie Mouse First Christmas Ornament) we have collected over the years an assortment of items that take us back each time we open the box. We continued that tradition this year, picking up an authentic Albuquerque adobe house and 5 accompanying chili pepper lights.

We've started collecting for the kids each year too. We purchased an ornament each year with their name on it. ( I guess I got this idea from the Horton Family on Days of Our Lives) with the thought that one day they could take their box of ornaments with them to start their own Christmas decorating.

Most recently they've picked the following:

Taylor: Anything University of Texas.
Daniel: Anything Texas Tech
Mattie: Anything Dance.

From London last year: they got a genuine London stuffed animal
From Austin--genunine Texas stars
From Washington DC-- The Capitol

Each year the kids anxiously await the opening of their boxes to decorate the tree. We've even included some of their past Christmas projects from school ( popsicle sticks and all).

If you are just starting out in marriage and family, this is a great way to keep a tradition going through the season. Someday our tree will be very empty, but our minds and hearts will be full of the memories we made with Christmas ornaments through the years.

What are some of your holiday traditions?


Darla said...

one of my favorite christmas memories was last year when my family caroled together in four part harmony. it's one of my kids favorite christmas memories ever. my parents, sisters and my kids and husband lit candles and started around the neighborhood. some were moved to tears. that's what made it special.(the harmony parts come naturally to us former church of christers) lol!

Jim Drake said...


I bet that was awesome--I can just imagine with the talent in your family--must have been like the Osmonds singing.

Perky Gramma Teaches said...

We collect ornaments each year also.
A tip I'll pass on is I started a seperate box for my sons ornaments and wrote a journal of the year of purchase and why it was important.
A wooden sled - 1978 (just said baby Holland-since he was born Dec. 3th)
A really cheap cheesy shiny ball- 1983 the first year after our divorce.
A cat in a basket- 1985 the year we got our first cat (his bestfriend)
Mickey -1997 the year my son worked for the Mouse
and so on...
It's really cool to see him with his box and his wife and children putting those special memories on his families tree.
Thanks for sharing and bringing up these warm memories...

Jim Drake said...


i found another set today in a magazin.. three little kids (each one says something like First Born Child-Mother's Fave, Second Born Child-Mother's Fave, Last child-mother's fave)

so--we keep adding.

Perky Gramma Teaches said...

It's almost scary...we even get the same catalogs. I saw that too.