Eight Simple Rules --It's My Family

There are just those TV shows that you missed the first time that capture you when they are no longer in production.   Somewhere in my life I was way too busy to watch EIGHT SIMPLE RULES when it was in production for time it was around.  Now that it is in syndication, my kids DVR every episode.  Some of them we've seen two and three times, and they still are so funny. Why?  Because it so closely resembles my family.  

You see we have two girls and a boy, much like the Hennesy family and the more we watch it, the more we see the same traits in our kids.    I won't go into a great amount of detail, but just take my word for it--it is real life; down to the "I LOVE YOU DADDY" and the response "WHAT DO YOU WANT?"   It's all too real- the drama, the issues, the funny stuff.

I guess we're just in that period of life where what we experience and see if real life is sometimes reflected in the media that we watch.  I think that's why this program was  so widely acclaimed at the time--it was aunthentic.   Aunthenticity is something that is rare these days and when people find it, they stay a long time at the gathering spot.  

Season 1 is on complete DVD, I'm sure it will be on our shelf by Christmas and added to the collection of media that has spoken about the times of our lives.  I'm still saving FATHER OF THE BRIDE for those 2 special times coming in the future.  Will I be like Steve Martin---probably so.


JVo said...

Did I tell you I am loving the new look of your blog, dude? Yeah. Really like it.