Something Old, Something New

It's Monday--time for Something Old, Something New

Something Old: Rich Kirkpatrick's Weblog.
It's not really old, but it's been in my reader for a while. Rich is worship pastor in Southern California. He's a fellow RECREATE attendee. His recent post about his trouble with vocal issues and possible thyroid problems was a very authentic look at his fears during this time period. He's always writing some interesting post about Worship leadership. Check it out.

Something New: This isn't a blog but a new "webcasting" site. This week I attended a conference in New York (via mogulus) and talked to people in different cities, watched a band rehearsal in California and even watched a commercial being filmed in Atlanta. All the while there was a dialog box to the right which let you interact with the broadcaster. In the era of self broadcasting, Mogulus is making waves. I've seen church services broadcast on this and personal ministries being promoted. Watch this site.

Worship Trench This is a website run by the tech guys at Northwood Church in Keller Texas. Some great tips on technology and stuff.

Jason Powell-Church IT and Other Stuff I found this one this week--just by clicking and following links on other blogs. Jason is part of the Grainger Church in Indiana. He gives some very practical tips of IT in the church and ministry. You'd think a worship minister wouldn't have to know about IT, but more and more of my job involves technology. Learning from people like Jason gives me a step up on my job--it's like on the job training with Jason. We're looking at his backup procedures at GCC for implimentation at our church.

What new sites have you found this week?


simple christfollower said...

I was seaching on the topic "Philosophy of Worship" and came across this church site:
I found it very helpful and it was an excellent example of what a good church site can look like.

Jason Powell said...

Thanks for the kind words. My brain and blog are open to share what I know :-)
Jason Powell