Water Cooler Wednesday-SKYP(ING) YOUR MISSIONARIES (Follow Up)

Last week I posted about calling our missionaries in Guatemala during our worship services for 4/27. I've had some questions how we did this--so I'll try to oblige here with what I know in how it was accomplished.

1. We took a signal off of our Pastor's Wireless mic from the base of his wireless (an unbalanced out), ran that through a rather long Quarter cable to a direct box and then to the computer's MICROPHONE input. We're letting the pastor's mic be the PHONE RECEIVER end of our phone call.

2. Audio from the computer was routed to a single channel on the board

3. Output from the headphone jack was also routed to a single channel to let us chose which was the cleaner sound (either from sound card or from the headjack). I believe they thought the headphone jack gave the clearest signal back to the worship center.

4. Laptop was placed on the sound board so the sound operator could place the call and then signal the pastor when the call was connected.

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Anonymous said...

it's a beautiful thing.

Audra Krell said...

This is really great. Thanks for sharing it!

a kelly said...

They are remarkable people.

danp said...

Jim, we did this from Budapest, Hungary right after seeing you at cre:ate Mario and I video skyped in from there and had other missionaries from Japan, Peru, India, Mexico, San Diego while our Student Min. Pastor emceed the whole thing. People said it felt like we really brought the world together. It was so cool. Gotta love technology!

kim said...

We did this last year as well, using video chat with a group from our church who were visiting missionaries in Thailand. It took several practice set-up sessions to get the connection working right with video & audio. I don't remember the details of how the tech guys ended up getting it to work, I just remember the method they expected to work, didn't! We fed the video to our projectors, and set up a camera in the back of the room, so the people in Thailand were seeing that view. We used their input throughout our three worship services and learned 2 important things:
1) apparently the Skype connection cuts off after 60 minutes. (learned this the hard way during worship service #1)
2) apparently the Skype connection cuts off at midnight on either end of the connection. (learned this the hard way during worship service #3)
It was incredibly effective, however, and we will definitely do it again!