Something Old, Something New

Something Old:
I'm picking two of the production blogs that I regularly read--to get ideas for creative sets, emphasis and as one blogger said "how to do it on a shoestring"

Randy is Creative/Technical Director @ New Covenant Community Church in Fresno.  I've never met Randy (only via Twitter), but he's one I watch for ideas on sets and creativity.  Seems like a wild and crazy kind of guy.  You'll want to check out his new "Leadership Toolbox" bumper videos for this new series.

Drew is Creative Arts Pastor at The Beachside Church in Ormond Beach, Fl.  This blog is one I connected with through Twitter.  His posting here on their "Blessed" set gives you a look at the design up close and personal.

Something New:
This is the blog of Scott Copeland, Associate at Ingleside Baptist in Macon.  Connected to him through "blog world".  His posting here on "BUBBLE BOY" was fantastic--expressed a lot of what I feel sometimes.


randy parker said...


Thanks for your kind words! Plus the link love is great too!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the love....

Scott said...

Same Here, Jim. I appreciate the love