Twitter Community Calls Me Out!

I was sharing with someone this morning how much I'm enjoying being part of an online community (Twitters--Recreate Twitters to be exact). This is a group of artist that have gathered together to communicate with each other about everything and about nothing.

It's funny how connected you feel when you know how many coke cans are sitting on their desk (@chadwright--way too many Dr. Peppers), or how many times their computer has crashed or what they are doing at the moment.You begin to know their quirks and personalities in much detail and so you feel like a community. I've accessed the knowledge base of this community when in technical trouble on a project, and even a quick prayer request is quickly answered. You feel like family. I was noticeably missing yesterday afternoon online as I was working on the format of this blog. I was greeted last night with a "fbcjdrake...missing you--hope everything is ok" when I got back on. Made me feel good!

Which brings me to this post. Just like family, there are good times and bad times. There are times you are hoisted on their shoulder and hailed as King, then there are the times you are called out and are the source of the joke.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I first read this entry from Chad Wright
Uh oh! I hadn't noticed the flaw in the template I downloaded. I promise I never put that there! Really!
Then I read this from OKJEDI! I'm glad I gave him a laugh since he was pulling and all nighter last night.

Which led me to my response here.

I was so focused on the links and feeds that I was transferring over from my old template. Evidently it should have said "Tid-Bit", but someone's ENGRISH was off.

Thanks to my buddies for the community and camaraderie and for calling me out when I make a boo boo!