Worship Post-fessional April 6, 2008

Today we began a new series WINDS OF CHANGE which will lead us into our 125th Anniversary as a church during the first week of May. I'll post pictures later this week of our stage backdrops and my light boxes that were made for this series.
Speaking of change--we changed up the order today.  Here's the set:

  • No Greater Love Than Jesus--Choir (Tommy Walker book again).  We rocked the first services on this one--they weren't expecting a lively opener like this.  Especially the black gospel feel and "talking expressions" at the first.
  • Greeting
  • O Worship The King--Tomlin arr.
  • Welcome
  • Offertory
  • Video clip from "THE SANDLOT"--where "Smalls" is introduced to everyone in the group.  Series is about name changes that God makes.  Made the point of everyone having a different name and identification
  • Sermon
  • Interview with a member
  • Indescribable
  • He Knows My Name (Walker Arr. again)
  • Yesterday Today and Forever.
We're used to singing more up front, so I'll be interested to know what the comments were from folks.  A different feel to the service.

Tonight our Senior Adult choir traveled about 30 miles to a former church that I served.  We sang about 7-8 songs and did some congregational singing too.  It's been a long day.