The New Morning Newspaper

It's become a habit.  When I get up in the morning I check my bloglines cue to see what posts have come through in the night. To the left is a snapshot of the ones I read most frequently--it's become my morning newspaper. Along with feeds from some actual news sources, these are the ones I read first and process.

Talking with a friend last Saturday, he was amazed at how many blogs I read in the mornings. He didn't know about Feed Readers or Aggregators (did I spell that right?) as he thought you had to go to every blog and read it. Sometimes I do, but mostly I read the posts in the reader.

Print news readership is declining--mostly because people have come to find news information in new ways. Email has replaced snail mail. I wonder what blog reading will replace?

What's your process for reading blogs? Which reader do you use?


Chad Wright said...

After my quiet time the first thing I do is check Google Reader. Then Twitter. Then I work on my blog. Then I actually do things that pay money.

My days always start in the world of Web 2.0.