Something Old and Something New

Monday again--time for Something Old and Something New (blogs that I read and have discovered in the last few days)

Something Old:
Verizontal- This is the site of John Voelz, Experiences Pastor at Westwinds Church in Jackson, Michigan.  I met John at Recreate this year.  He has to be one of the most creative minds that I've met in many years.  I'm constantly learning something from him--whether it be about visuals and art in worship to very deep thoughts about life and issues.  He's one person I'm constantly watching.

Something New:
Skitch -This isn't a blog, but a screen capture program I found in order to capture things on my screen.  I used it to post pictures like this which talked about a conversation  that I had on Twitter on Saturday.  Not only will it screen capture, but you can do some sketching or drawing (primatively) on the site and share pictures with others.

The Journey Blog-This is the blog of Chad Wright, pastor in Austin and full-time photographer and graphics artist there.  He always has something creative to show (his pictures are amazing) and always gives great tips on publication design.  He's a fellow Twitter too.

What have you found new this week?  Something old you'd like to share?


Chad Wright said...

Thanks for the kind words. It's taken two years but people finally stop by to read it. And I'm still amazed anyone does.

Plus I was born in Snyder which gives me +10 cool points.

JVo said...

love the blog layout, man. Thanks for the props. You like me. You really really like me.