Uh... Dad.. You Have The Dress In Your Car!

So I left the house at the crack of dawn this morning to travel south about 2 hours to see our youngest daughter play tennis ( she won two games by the way--thanks for asking).  So during the third set, my phone rings. My wife is in a dead panic as she's looking for the dress my oldest daughter is suppose to wear this afternoon in a Quinceanara for a friend of hers.   Since I was in my wife's car, I didn't think I saw it when I opened up the trunk, but on further inspection, way underneath my teen's golf clubs--you guessed it.  The Blue Dress.  It's now 12:20 and I'm almost 2 hours away from home.  The ceremony starts at 2:00.  So much for a day to myself in a larger city (so long Starbucks!).  I hoof it back home (in the driveway @ 1:50 PM) just in time for the wife to snatch the dress, iron it, get it on the teen and out the door.  I think they were 2 minutes late for the ceremony.
So--check the trunk before you leave town further than thirty minutes away.

From Wikipedia.org
The Quinceañera or Quince Años (sometimes represented XV Años, meaning "fifteen years") is, in some Spanish-speaking regions of the Americas, a young woman's celebration of her fifteenth birthday, which is commemorated in a unique and different way from her other birthdays


JVo said...

Esto me enloquece, esto me saca de quicio!