Worship Post-fessional April 20, 2008

Worship Set Today
Opener(instrumental)  BEAUTIFUL ONE
Not To Us-Tomlin
He Knows My Name
You Are My King
Jesus Paid It All
Grace Flows Down

Notes from today:

1.  We had to go accoustic today--gymbea and piano (our Ableton Live set up was caput due to a computer upgrade) and so--accoustic was the answer.
2.  My in ear monitors are still not 100%--there is a great variance in what I hear in rehearsal and what I hear in actual performance.  I'm not sure what's the deal..but it's maddening at times.
3. This is our third week with interviews with church members.  I think this has been a real positive as people get to know other people's stories.  I saw many members lingering around our interviewer afterwards sharing their stories too.
4.  Message today was about Joseph and reconcilliation.  We as a church still have some junk to deal with from the past-dealings with former staffs and such.  It's not easy.

How was your worship today?