Finding Creativity

Today is the day for CREATIVE CHAOS, where people blog about creative ideas and things over on Carlos Whitaker's place. Go here. Carlos has asked us to blog today about places that we find that we are most creative and it has to be outside the office.

In thinking about this, I found that I'm most creative in these spaces

1. The City-- this may sound strange for those of you that live in the city everyday (I don't), but I find when I go to the city I see and experience things that spur my creativity.  Advertisements, displays in stores, radio shows, food and more spur my creativity. I love to sit in open spaces in the city and watch the people go by.  It's one of the most creative things I can do.

2. A Coffee shop-- Carlos finds Starbucks to be his most creative space.  I blogged a couple of weeks ago about La Madeline French Bakery in the Metroplex.  I love this store. The sounds of classical music, the smell of fresh bread and the strong aroma of coffee surround this space.  A roaring fire in the winter is essential.  I could spend hours here dumping out my ideas.

3. Home Supply Centers- I've said this before, I find Lowes (and some find Home Depot) one of the most creative spaces.  Looking at raw materials, pieces, pipes and paint somehow get me going.  I walk through sections and just let my mind go.  Regardless of what it's meant to be, I can imagine it to be something else.

4. Hobby Stores- Stores like Hobby Lobby and Garden Ridge are must stops when I go to the city. Whether I'm looking or not, there is always something that sparks my imagination. Usually the scale of things in here is too small, but I can always re-imagine how I could recreate something on a larger scale. I usually can't give up a sale in these places and I especially love to hit the Clearance tables and see what's 70-90% off.

5. Theater-- there is something magical for me about the theater. The lights and scenery always take me away to another place. Whenever I travel somewhere I try to see what is happening theatrically in that place. If I can, I schedule some time in the theater. Great creativity can be found on the stage.

6. Travel
I've been blessed in recent years to experience many different cultures through travel. Each trip has inspired creativty--through colors, food, culture, music and historical places. Traveling opens you up to things that you don't see in your regular sphere. Travel as much as you can--journal on these trips and keep a list of things that spur your creativity.

Where do you find that your most creative?