Worship Post-fessional April 13th--Winds of Change Week 2

Today was the second part of our series Winds of Change.  We're talking about Biblical characters (Jacob today) who encounter God and their name is changed and their character too. 
We've been trying to include members of the congregation in on the service by interviewing them during the service.  Today was Marge Sealy.  Marge is a wonderful Sr. saint in our church and has endured some hard times ( the loss of two sons to early deaths), but her testimony has been that the Lord has asked her to trust in these times and situations.  It was a sweet end to the service and I think it helps our people to get to know one another.

 The other pictures are the light boxes with our series graphics that we've made for this series.  I'll blog about them later this week along with this series set.

Here's the set list

Yesterday, Today and Forever (Week 2).  We taught the chorus last week, now the full song this week.  We'll let it sit for a couple of weeks and bring it back in May.  It's kind of our theme song for this series.
Forever (Tomlin)  Works well with the first song since it ends in F. 
Scripture Reading--selected passages about God's Unchanging and Forever nature (Psalm 136)
Everlasting God
Surrender (Marc James)  Our people really like this song.
Wonderful Maker (Tomlin)

We joined the ranks of Planning Center Online last week.  I've heard great comments from our team. We're not 100% up on it yet, but I think it will be a great way to communicate with the team.

How was your Sunday?