Rebates Drive Me Crazy

We are happy to inform you that your rebate submission for $80 Mail in
Rebate with Purchase of Lexmark All in One Printer/Copier/Scanner
(X2580) AND Any Desktop or Notebook PC at Circuit City has been received and
is currently being processed.
Please allow 8 weeks from the postmark
date of your submission for processing your rebate.    What?
Does this drive anyone else crazy?  You're promised a price on a product, but the hang up is that there is a mail in rebate.  I know the drill.  They are hoping that you're too lazy to jump through all of the hoops to send it in. (Mail in the receipt, cut out the barcode, stand on your head, spin around twice and maybe, just maybe we'll give you the promised money).

My favorite is when you do all of this and they send you a note and say  "We're sorry you're so stupid--you sent us the wrong thing. Try again next time"

I say--we boycott all products with mail in rebates.  We refuse to use or buy them. We insist that they give instant rebates.   Will it happen--probably not.   But just wanted to get that off my chest this morning.   There... I feel better already.