My First Blog--Really!

Ok, so I'm almost 2 years into this thing called blogging. What began as a way to communicate to my family while overseas has now turned into a passion and part of my life. I've blogged from Italy, India, Guatemala, London and Paris, and even in Texas and Tennessee!

In a way I've probably been blogging most of my life; now I have an avenue to express that to a wider audience.

In thinking about blogging, I probably began in 4th grade. (the picture to the left is my second grade picture-couldn't find the 4th grade). I had a very very creative teacher, Mrs. Cauley. I loved that class.

Anyway, she took one of her bulletin boards (a large one that went from floor to ceiling) and sectioned it off into squares about 12X12. She gave each of us in the class ownership of the board--to post what we wanted up there ( a picture, a story, a paper we were proud of, etc)

I remember how excited I was when we got the assignement. I would always try to think of what I was going to put up there, and usually I was the one changing it more than once a week. There were others who never posted and ones that posted only occaisionally. Mrs. Cauley would remind us "change your's getting boring". My most creative--a salute to "Charlie Brown"--I created all of the Charlie Brown characters and wrote a story about each. (It was my first series!) I don't think I every put a test paper up there--but that was 34 years ago!

So,you see, I've been blogging for a long time. That was 1974-1975. Maybe Mrs. Cauley was on to something--she was always way ahead of her time! (She had a Dorothy Hamill haircut before Dorothy did).

Just thinking.....

What about you--what is your earliest memory that is like blogging?