The Art of Family

This is my 70th post for the month.  I know, some of you may say "that's about 69 more than I needed this month."  But with the clock waning on the last day of the month of March, I just had to reach for the number 70.  It seems as if this blogging thing has become a regular part of each day for me.

I think throughout the day of what I can say when I get home.  Some posts are easy-some not so. When I found this graphic the other day, I thought it would be another hook for me to use to Post.  It will be about my family as artists.  I'm constantly being told by people how much they enjoy my family as artists and that the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree", but each of them in their own way is artistic and creative and for that I'm glad.  It truly is a part of me that I've passed on to them.

So welcome to the first post in THE ART OF FAMILY:  The making of a masterpiece.  I got this graphic here where artists in the church share 
their gifts with one another.

This picture is my son's.  Daniel brought it home the other day and laid it on the counter where I could see it when I came in the door.  I think he secretly wanted me to see it and make a comment about it.  It's a picture of a Jazz Musician that he made at school during a period where they were studying Jazz and in concert with Black History Month were talking about other Jazz Players.  It's all hand drawn and colored.  I like the black background which makes the man stand off the page.  He's got some promise in his old man did, but didn't stick with it.
I hope to feature each of my children in their own artistry.  Each of them will be in a play this summer at our local playhouse, and they draw and create all the time.

What do your children do for creative activities? Do you encourage their artistry.