Today was a great day--but boy was it crowded. Seems that three ships got off at once and there were 3000 people at the Acropolis between 8 and noon. They had to shut it off because so many people were on the mountain and couldn't get down. Luckily, we were up when they closed it, but I wasn't sure that we would get down.

We made all 191 steps to the Parthenon (the Temple of Athenia) Its under some restoration right now so there are lots of scaffolds around it. Still, it's one of those "Bucket List" things that you always want to do.

The highlight for me was Olympic Stadium. This was the stadium constructed in 1896 to launch the modern Olympic games and is the site every four years where they bring the torch from Olympus and start the race around the world. I ran there today--not far--but I ran at the Olympic stadium!

Some shopping in downtown Athens, but we were bushed and headed back to the boat. We depart in an hour. Headed toward Naples!



Jim Drake said...

That is so cool. I have had fun watching ships come and go. I am keeping eye on your ship. Last I looked, no sips ate by you. Love and miss you. Sounds like Athens is wonderful.

Diane said...

I was under your sign on earlier. Don't know how i did that. I just saw the video. So cool!!! I was on my phone and the video didn't come up. Love Candy!!!
Great job.
Love you,