Friday Night Lights

It's that time of year again when you travel in the darkness and see bright lights shining from small towns all across the nation. It's an American past time that we all know--FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL.I made the first game this year, and now we're almost at the half way point and that's all I've seen is one game. Kinda makes me think I'm missing something.

Anyway, Friday's here in our town are filled with black and gold banners, kids wearing their school colors to class and the Friday morning pep rally. Here are some shots from this morning's pep rally.
Mattie is playing the smallest drum in the band this year.
Taylor is going with Chance and he's on the football team.

Now, here's a clip from "GLEE" that I don't think you'll see this Friday night on the Football field. These people at FOX don't get FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL---in fact, they might get beat up if they tried this on a real FRIDAY NIGHT GAME!

Thanks to my friend Chuck Harris for alerting me to this clip!


Darla said...

gotta love all this friday action in our town! somehow this past week i have ended up with your daughters in my pictures...hehe.