Sunrise, Sunset

As you read this in the states, the day has come to close on this side of the world. I just saw the sun slip behind the horizon to the west.. which means that it’s mid day in Texas.

We tendered (dropped anchor) here in Santorini this afternoon about 2PM. I awoke my lovely wife with a phone call at 6:30 her time to let her know we had made port. Spoke to my lovely children (I really do miss their grumpy voices in the morning).
We traveled by tender boats to the island and were quickly shuffled to buses to take us to our tours. Our guide was Kostos--a very stylish greek man--and very knowledgable.

We moved up the mountain where we could see all sides of the island. Santorini is basically a volcanic island that some say that was the place of Atlantis. A giant vocalnic eruption years ago made this into a string of islands.

Made our way to the top of the island (walking by foot up the cobbleston streets) and saw some lovely things. A quick trip down and our next stop was a greek cafe where we sampled Tomato Fritters, Yogurt sauce and some other things. Very good--I think I like greek food.

They dropped us off in Fira town which is the capital of Santorini. We walked up and down the streets to see the shops--but we didn’t buy. There were people shelling out the dough for greek jewlery. I didn’t get it--but they were giving it up.

We’re back to the boat now--maybe a quick trip to the Oceanview cafe for a late night snack and then a show in the theater at 10:30--which we may skip. It’s an early morning tomorrow in Mykonos.

Thanks for reading and keeping up with me. The best way to let me know what you’re thinking is to comment. I can read those immediately--faster than email.



Diane said...

Those grumpy kids woke up faster for your voice than they did my voice. It was nice to wake up to you this morning. Love and miss you lots. I heard Taylor say this morning that she missed you lots.