When In Rome!

We are here...arrived early Saturday morning (late Texas Friday night). The plane was 50 minutes early into Rome (something unheard of). We got to hotel but couldnt get to room until after 1 so we hit the ground running--literally.

We saw the Pantheon and were greeted by a stalker. Yes, we figured him out and quickly he exited. When in Rome'-remember that tourists are targets. After a visit to the Pantheon we headed toward Trevi Fountain. We decided this time to take our time and watch people. So we sat at The Trevi fountain for about 45 minutes and saw some folks... very interesting. Headed then to the Spanish steps and then back to a little Trattoria near our hotel.

An afternoon nap was in order-boy did we sleep hard! Up at 5:30 and headed to our fave Pizzaria in the Barberini area... it was so good. Carlos Pizza and then a quick night time tour of Rome!

Today, we were up early for a rooftop breakfast. We can see St. Peter from our roof and to the south is the Forum and coliseum. We then headed to Piazza De Popolo (the plaza of the people)for a tour with ANGELS and DEMONS...very interesting tour that ended at Castel St. Angelo--where I climbed to the top to get some great views of Rome.

Went back to hotel and napped for a bit--then I did something daring. I went for a run in ROME! Yes, I ran from hotel to the Coliseum and the Circus Maximus ( I actually ran on the ground of the CM and could hear the crowd cheering) and then back along the Tiber river and through Piazza Novona. ( I thought of Randy Elrod as I ran through the Piazza-imagining that he was there with me running through all of that art... Randy--this was for you!) and then finally back to my hotel.

Dinner was back in the Pantheon area where we heard a great little combo play all of the American faves ( and then he took an offering). Internet is down at hotel--so were sending this from an internet cafe. At this moment we have 15 minutes left...hurry, hurry.

Heading back to the hotel in a moment but not before a trip to the Gilateria near our hotel.

Tomorrow we head to the boat and will hopefully have more internet access there. I am planning to run to St. Peters square in the morning. Maybe the Holy Father will join me!

Ciao for now!



Diane said...

I am so wishing I could be there. Can't wait to hear more. Tell Susie hi for me!!! Great pictures.