Worship Confessional, September 27,2009

So, one good week, one bad week--we're even. Today was the oddest thing. Seemed like all of the gremlins around the sound system decided to come out and play. (channels muted that weren't in rehearsal, mics falling that didn't in rehearsal, just odd things happening). When it all adds up to things like today I realize that the enemy doesn't want us to worship and will do anything to keep us distracted. It was a tough day.

This post is part of Sunday Set Lists over on Fred McKinnon's blog.

Set List

Awesome Is The Lord Most High (Tomlin) Second week on this--we didn't have the power that we did last week on this one, but it was also the only song in the opener, so maybe they weren't warmed up yet.


Mighty Is The Power of The Cross (Tomlin) Choir---we were down here too. Song is familiar to me, but I don't think we've done this one corporately.

Holy, Holy, Holy (Praise Charts arr--Cole)

God of Wonders --finally back to some familiar stuff!!!

Jesus Messiah (Tomlin)---this one is coming into our rep and we introduced it. Does anyone do it in a key other than A? It seemed high to me. May have to search for a lower key!

Morning Message--George Ray (we continue to have prospective interim preachers speak for us. It's amazing that even though we don't plan services together, the HS puts it all together thematically.)

Here I Am To Worship/The Heart of Worship---good standards to close on.

We had a huddle after the service to talk about all of the issues. It's just one of those days that you like to say "we'll get'em next time!" Have you ever had days like this?

How was your Sunday?


metrobobby said...

I usually do Jesus Messiah in A, but I have done it in G before. It works really well to. Best of luck to you.

danieljohn said...

I always like Tomlin's keys for things, but I keep finding that they are too high for our congregation to sing along with comfortably. So, I normally drop them about a step to a step & a half. I'm with you guys, we normally do "Jesus Messiah" in G/A depending on the setlist.