Lovely Day On Capri

Today was our last and final stop in Naples. We exited the gangway about 7:45 AM (that would be around 11PM Wednesday night in Texas). We made our way to a Jet Boat which probably held 300-400 people for the 50 minute ride to the Island of Capri.

What a wonderful little town Capri is. It was very quiet in the morning (but got busier as the day went on) and we just sat and enjoyed some of the local life there in Capri. We even spotted Brad Pitt (see if you can see him in the pictures)

The afternoon was spent at the Augustus Gardens--very lovely and then lunch in a local hotel. We enjoyed lunch with a French couple from Quebec and she was learning English. So she practiced on us and I taught her how to say "howdy"

After that it was a mad house and rush to get back to the Funicula that runs up and down the mountain. This by far was the most stressful part of the day. What a rush of people. And then when we got on, this lady in front of us was rocking the "tight" swim suit top and the underarm hair! She lifted up her arm and we thought we were going to faint! We quickly popped in a cough drop to avert the smell. We just chuckled. What a way to end the day.

We're back on ship and ready to sail in about an hour. Heading to Cittavechia where we'll disembark and head for Rome airport.

Thanks for following all of our adventures. More pics will be up once I arrive back in the states where Wifi (at least at my house) is FREE!

Update--Boat will dock at 4AM--that's 8PM Thursday evening (about the time of the Homecoming parade in Snyder). Pray for my journey home!


Diane said...

love your videos you have put on. Loved Seeing Susie. Love you Susie!!!