Music At Sea

I've been most impressed with the musicians and the entertainers on the ship this week. They have quite the variety (from a string quartet to an Accapella group called SoulD Out). Each evening in the theater there is some show or entertainer.

We've seen two shows by the company of the Solstice (Ghostlight and Groove) Both were high energy and entertainment from the crew of the Solstice.

We're heading into Greece tonight--will arrive there at 6:00 in the morning--about 10 PM Texas time. Headed to the Acropolis and Parthenon and some more shopping in Greece.

Today was a much needed day of doing nothing. A midafternoon nap was just the ticket before dinner and the show tonight.

Look for more pics tomorrow. I'm running low on my minutes, so as in the beginning I'll have to be selective about putting them up or at least doing a couple of posts at a time.

Good Day= in Greece that goes like this KALIMERA!


Diane said...

that all looks so cool!!! Love seeing the indoor pictures. The internet site only has exterior pictures of the ship.