Where Are My Sea Legs and Formal Night

The boat is rocking pretty good right now and I’m wondering where my sea legs are? We took out of Rome last night at a pretty smooth sail, but somewhere around 3:00 AM I began to feel the boat lunge from side to side. Being on a lower deck, you can feel the motion more than you can on the higher levels. Especially this morning in the theater, you could feel your body list from side to side.

If I don’t look out the window, I’m pretty good--but it’s when the horizon gets fuzzy that my tummy starts to feel a little queasy. I sure hope that it settles down by supper--or I’m going to be seeing green.

Just went up on deck and the culprit of all of this is a pretty stiff Easterly breeze that is throwing chairs around on the upper deck like a tractor through a wheat field. They are scrambling to keep everything on board.

Oh well---I’m staying busy. We attended to seminars today on the upcoming ports of call and this afternoon attended a seminar in the Gym. I forgot how much I like the buzz of the gym where so many people are passionately going after health!

Off to another seminar... how to make crepes’... yeah, it’s a slow day at sea. Now where did I put my sea legs?

Tonight was the first of two formal nights. No I didn't wear my beaded gown--but there was sure enough sparkle to go around. And may I say.. many of these fashions should have been retired years ago. Ladies--when have you seen a sweater dress since flash dance in the 80's? I saw one tonight.

The show tonight was a Broadway review. Sure thought of my kids when they sang 3 songs from WICKED, RENT, WEST SIDE STORY and more.

We dock at Santorini at 2 PM tomorrow-about 6 AM Texas time. Maybe I'll try some pics tomorrow.