Grace and Peace To You!

Grace and peace to you... familiar words written to a region that I’ll be visiting today.

We’re passing through to Istanbul, Turkey. Although scriptures don’t point to Paul visiting Istanbul, he did pass through the region of Troas to the southeast of us and so as I listened to the words of Ephesians this morning, I imagined what the people of Ephesus must have heard as they listened to this letter.

It gives new meaning to “how high, how long, how wide, how deep” when you look out in to the deep blue Mediterranean waters. Wow!

I listened to the whole book of Ephesians on my ipod this morning and then my ipod went to Matt Maher’s “MARANATHA”---wow! my own worship service with the word and worship! Couldn’t get any better.

Heading into Istanbul today. Not only is it the month of Ramadaan but it’s also the anniversary of 9/11 in the US. My heart and mind will be full today. I hope to publish some photos later in the day.

Until then--Grace and peace to all who love the Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love.


Diane said...

ok, I have goosebumps. Kent says hi. He can do a write up about your play. See your email or call me