Candy's Day At Sea

It's been a lazy day here on the boat.

So I decided to feature CANDY! Candy is a stuffed animal that Diane got for me some 15 years ago when I would travel away from home. She wanted me to remember her. Since then, the kids have now entered the scene. Each time I leave, one of them remembers to stick CANDY in my suitcase.

Today was CANDY'S day around the ship. She went to breakfast, to the Spa, in the elevator, to the library and to the Bistro. Quite a day for her.

She got a little seasick this afternoon as we hit some swells associated with a storm system we were in the middle of. Lightning and rain were all around us as the water washed over the deck on 5!

Anyway, it's the last formal night and we're headed to the last show in the theater. Dock in Naples by 5 AM in the morning. I'm tired and ready to head home--but it's been a blast.


Diane said...

love seeing Candy!!! You were bored!!! But I loved it. I know you are probably on the way to the airport now. Looking forward to seeing you!!