Welcome To Istanbul!

We’ve just arrived back from our day 1 of Istanbul, Turkey. That’s right--I’m not in Turkey, Texas but TURKEY the country.

We sailed in around noon and we could see Europe on one side and Asia on the other. It’s the only city in the world that is divided by two continents.After a quick lunch, we hurried to the theater to get our assignment--group 32! Wow--we thought we’d sit forever until our bus was called, but it wasn’t too long until they called our number.However, once on board, we knew that this was going to be a difficult day. Our trip guide was not good... an incessant laugh and broken English made it almost impossible to enjoy the tour.The pics here are from our sail in at noon, the St. Sophia Museum (gilded ceilings and all), the inside of St. Sophia and outside the Blue Mosque that we’ll visit tomorrow.

It was a quick trip back to the Grand Bazaar (a mall of all kinds of shops). We’ll make some decisions tonight about what we want to purchase. It’s so hard to see and to calculate what the real cost is when they are pushing you to buy!

Until tomorrow! Sunday we head to Ephesus--Biblical tour of Paul--with communion at the end. I can't wait!