"Class" or Kanye?

I didn’t quite know what was going on last evening when I logged on (actually this morning) as I was seeing KANYE, KANYE-BEYONCE going on as Twitter trends and on facebook.

Now, this afternoon I see on the Today show (Yes it’s 2:31 PM here and 6:30 AM Texas time) as I see him interrupt Taylor Swift at the VMA’s. What in the world was he thinking when he pulled that stunt?

I’m depending on you guys to fill me in on all of this as we are limited to the information that we get.

Please fill me in!


Diane said...

I didn't see any of this cma awards. sorry. I am watching your boat. You are going to be on it still awhile. Are you sleeping one more night on the boat before you can get off? Will you see piraeus? or go straight to Athens? It is fun watching all the boats interact in the ocean.

Timothy Cox said...

it's a publicity stunt...Kanye did this the day before being Jay Leno's first musical guest on his new show