A Day In Ephesus

By far this was the most anticipated day for me on the trip. I have longed to visit here and to truly understand Paul’s love for the church here at Ephesus.

We arrived around 9 this morning and not to long after that we were on the bus and off to Ephesus which is some 20 minutes away --but only 5 miles. The Agean Sea used to go up to Ephesus, as it was a port city, but it has since receeded.

We went straight to the House of the Virgin Mary where it is told that Mary spent her last days of her life here--protected by the Ephesian church and accompanied by St. John. We were to attend a small service there, but it was Sunday and they were overrun with people.

As the service started, I was the only one in the congregation singing with the song leader “ COME CHRISTIANS JOIN TO SING”--every verse. People just looked at me because I was singing. Oh, well--it’s my job.

The service went on, but not without me having to “shhh” some people walking behind me headed toward the house.

We went in the house afterwards--so many relics. And we went got water from her house --even have a little vase to fill, but it leaked!

Then we were off to EPHESUS, The third. Five times the city of Ephesus was built. The one we see today is 3rd time and most likely the one Paul saw. We went to city center and the Library and finally ended up in the Grand Theater where it was said that Paul preached and the Artemis God makers were mad at him because he killed their idol business. We spent almost 2 hours here.

Lunch was soon afterwards and it was a biblical lunch-foods from time of Bible (lentels, barley, wheat, vegetables, lamb stew, nuts and fruits and more) It was delicious.

Then it was off to the Basillica of St. John where John is said to be buried after returning from Patmos (Domitian banished him there) and where one of the first baptistry’s was seen.

Much shopping was to follow in the town of Kusadasi--and we were back to this ship by 6:00--and bushed.

A very fast and filled day. I’ll take tomorrow to reflect on what I saw. I’m reading Watchman Nee’s book SIT STAND AND WALK which is his commentary on Ephesians.

Grace and peace!


Diane said...

no wonder we couldn't find Candy. I looked and looked and looked. Glad you got it. Loved the Video. Is that the same one you tried to send me? It was good to see you and hear your voice.