Dvorak or Copland?

I’m enjoying the classical music that is available on the ship this week. I turn it on in the morning while I’m getting ready. You might say that this makes me “traditional” but my roots in music are in classical training and I’ve just found a foundation there that calms my soul. I can move to the contemporary and enjoy it and visit the classics for some refreshment and grounding. I certainly wouldn’t want to live in this genre’ all the time. But it feeds my soul.

One of the channels plays all Dvorak’ ( I love the NEW WORLD SYMPHONY) and one plays Aaron Copland (RODEO, FANFARE FOR THE COMMON MAN, APPALACHIAN SPRING).

The thing that I think that I appreciate about both of these composers is their earthy nature. Both bring out the natural spirit in the music. Both were men of great knowledge in their native folk songs and their native songs of their land. Dvorak being Hungarian knew the songs of the gypsies, the nomadic tribe that wandered around Europe and likewise Copland knew the melodies of the songs from the Appalachian people. Thats what I think connects the two of them.

So--Dvorak or Copland? I think I’ll have both.