A "Wisit" to Istanbul

That’s right... we went on a “wisit” to Istanbul today. At least that is the way our tour guide pronounce “visit” as we boarded the bus.

Today was a much better day than yesterday with the disaster we had as a guide. Today’s guide was very kind and knowledgeable and took his time with our group. What a difference. We really enjoyed him.

We went to the Blue Mosque, made famous because of the blue tiles that line the inside of the mosque and were made in Nicea (where the Council of Nicea met in 325 BC). So much of the biblical history and geography is coming into place for me. We’ve decided though after a visit to a mosque in Egypt and now Turkey--no more mosques.

Then we headed to the Topkali palace which was the home of the Sultans (not of Swing) of the Ottoman Empire. Much of the Empire was ruled from here and is filled with jewels and gems of the conquests of Egypt, Asia and Europe (Russia). A very peaceful place, we also learned where we get the word DIVAN (low couch and the DIVAN was also the room where the Council of the Ministers met) and OTTOMAN (a low rise piece of furniture)...hmm..How global.

Back to the Grand Bazar one more time-we were armed and ready to shop. We had to endure a couple of rude guys, but the man we eventually bought with gave us space and room to dig through his goods to find what we wanted.

It was back to the ship by 1:30 and set sail for Ephesus at 2:00. Thank goodness the rain held off for us in Istanbul, but as we pulled out it began to pour. As I look out now on the Mamara Sea it is sunshine and beauty.

Some time to rest this afternoon and then get ready for Ephesus tomorrow. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to putting the place with the words from Ephesians. They say this will be the high point of the trip.

Until later!


Diane said...

Love and miss you. I am so glad you are having a great time. Love reading your stories. I try to picture all you are doing as I read.