Delos-Birthplace of Apollo

It was an early rise this morning--6AM for a 7AM departure to Delos, the island where legend has it that Apollos and his sister Artmetis were born. It’s a majestic island filled with all kinds of ruins.

We were fortunate to have Atonis as our guide. I can only tell you if he was a high school English teacher, there would lines standing outside of his classroom to get in. He was so full of stories and made it interactive and fun. We were lucky--some of the other tours just had fact tellers.

One of the highlights of the tour this morning was sitting in the 6000 seat theater where actors and actresses (something very uncommon--the ladies would not usually act, they were played by men) and the telling of how we got the names in our current theater for ORCHESTRA, CHORUS and THESPIAN. Of course on this island is also the home of the God of the theater--Dionysus. So I have something to tell my friends back in the theater.

All in all it was a great morning and we’re now back on ship heading to Turkey. I read in the papers here on board that Turkey is floating away with some of the worst rain in 80 years ahead of us. Suppose to 75 and raining there tomorrow.

Anyway--this afternoon will include a run to the gym since I missed it this morning and a catch up nap.

Enjoy the pics!

By the way--my greek name is Dimetri!

Yassou! (that means good bye in Greece)


Diane said...

sounds like you are having a great time. Daniel just asked me me when you are returning. Maybe he misses you!!! Love hearing the stories.