American IDOL--the Final 12

Syesha begins the evening INTO MY LIFE (EW&Fire arr.)..can you say PITCHY!! eyebrows were up trying to help her. Simon says it was better than alright. What was he listening too.  She'll be safe though.

Chickezie-singing next. Used to work @ LAX.  Singing She's A Woman.  He's wild tonight.  Started out pretty good--but wow--where did that one go!  Took a big risk on that one!  Safe!

Ramiele- Singing IN MY LIFE. Not bad...a little breathy, but hey that's popular! Not as powerful as in past weeks..this one may be in trouble.

Jason Castro- If I Fell In Love With You... started out ok in his lower register...but when it went up..uh, oh. This one may not be pretty. Still he's from Texas. Whoop!
Carly Works 7 days a week--wow, you go girl! Really thick accent tonight--I don't remember that in previous weeks. Singing COME TOGETHER.. sounds a little like Reba Mc. singing Beatles...I don't know. Safe for this week I think.
David Cook   Singing Bar Tender.. Uh oh..what kind of guitar was that he just smashed. ELEANOR RIGBY... a little Daughtry like. I like this guy... mmmm. could be one of the finalists. SAFE
Brooke Starts with playing the piano.. I see a trend here.. singers that can play an instrument. she looks worried over the chords and notes... see those silly people in the mosh pit waving their arms.. come on MOSH creative. Back to vocals...I dunno-she's good, but may be vulnerable this week.  Simon likes she's safe.
David-  a course in college on the BEATLES?  Why didn't they have that class when I was there.   I SAW HER STANDING THERE..hmm... I dunno.  Safe I think.
Michael-- I like him--good tone
Kristy--Rodeo queen--I don't think she'll last--- not a good pick
David A---like him--he'll stay because they like him.

My prediction:  Syesha and Kristy--Kristy is gone!