A Lending Library--A Great Idea

This post today got me to thinking.  It's time that we all begin to share what's in our library with each other.  I know it won't make me a # 1 Customer @ Amazon, but if they look at my purchasing record, I rarely purchase new books anymore.  Nor will it make me good with the Book publishers.   But what if we did this--shared our books.   I have a Shelfari account and post it proudly on my blog the books that I've read and owned.  What do you think?

I'm part of the Walk To Emmaus #25 in the Sweet Water Community (Sweetwater, Tx) and part of the walk involves a talk about Grow Through Study.  One of the elements is a book table where the pilgrims are encouraged to start a course of study.  Originally on these walks, books were for purchase through a "consignment" with a local book store.  Yesterday I was told that bookstores no longer want to do this.   So, for this and all other walks the book table will be "gifted" to the pilgrims.  Team members are encouraged to look through their own libraries and share books that have meant something to them, but they no longer want to keep.  I've seen some great classics and even some recent releases given on this table--and it's all free.  So, it's kind of the principle supported here in this article.

How about your own libary?  What books could you part with that could nurture or encourage someone else.  It's at least worth discussion.


Jeff M. Miller said...

OK, small world moment here that has nothing to do with your post.

I found your blog via Los' Creative Chaos, and stuck you in my reader. Today, as I'm catching up, I see that you live in S'water? No way! That's my hometown, and my mom still lives there.

Too crazy.