In Memory of Bubbie (1991-2007)

This is in memory of our dog--"Bubbie". We lost him last fall, and at that time I wasn't blogging much. Today a conversation on Twitter brought him to mind (not to mention the venture to the tool shed on Saturday where he used to lounge when he was out side.) I hadn't thought much about his absence since the fall, but pulling out that mower reminded me how much he hated the thing.

Bubbie was a gift from our first youth group when we were going on to our next church. He was a pound puppy delux--rescued from an animal shelter in Fort Worth. He was part terrier and part dachsund (so he was long and had a terrier nose). Bubbie was an excellent dog. He was our first baby--before we had kids and as each kid came along he would dutifully accept them and move on.

After 15 3/4 years of life, Bubbie just got too stiff to walk around and on Sept. 17, we had to make the hard decision to put him out of his misery. We really, really miss him and hope that our next dog will be as good as he was.