And My Strengths Are

A great post over on (you can read it here) talks about the Creative Leadership lid.  It's worth the read and discussion to have about leadership and it's limitations.  
It got me to thinking about my own strengths.  For several years I have been fascinated by the Gallup Strengths Finder test.  Initially I took it as part of a pre-interview for a position with another organization.  I was amazed at how much this test said what I believed to be true about myself.  My strengths listed by this test are:  

Strategic,-meaning I like things in order and can see down the road.
(Ideation)-I like to think about ideas (ie IBM Ideation room--yeah!)
Achiever,-I like to tie a bow on things and see what I've accomplished 
Positivity,-I like to have fun 
Woo,-I like to meet new people (thanks Twitter! thanks Recreate!)
Learner-I like to read (just look at the stack of books beside my bed, and on the floor...etc) 

Each of these in their own description accurately describe part of my make up and knowing each of these has helped me steer myself in the direction where I can utilize these things.

The follow up book "GO PUT YOUR STRENGTHS TO WORK" is an excellent follow-up to this test.  I agree with Carlos ( that you can take so many of these tests to know about yourself;however, after a period of time they all say the same thing.


chilly said...

Jim, it's been a while since I actually went to your site from my reader, but hated to see that you're one of those that plays music instantly when you arrive on the page.

Oh well, thanks for sharing and for the insight to better understanding yourself in order to better grow the Kingdom.

Now go change that instant play option on your site.