Walk #25--The Countdown has begun

Today was our first team meeting for Walk To Emmaus #25 in Sweetwater. For those of you that don't know about Emmaus, go here
There are three meetings (1 today) and 2 more to follow in which we will preview all of the talks for the Walk prior to the weekend.

This meeting was at FBC Sweetwater where I served from 1997-2001. It always amazes me when you go back to a former place of service the emotions and feelings that are brought to the surface. I was immediately greeted this morning in the basement with the COLD HARD FACTS...literally COLD AIR blowing on all of these team members. I hadn't thought of that old boiler system in years--but somehow magically I remembered how to fire up the furnace and get some heat going ( it was 26 degrees here this morning--brrr..)

The morning rocked along pretty well. We took communion together and again I was reminded how much it means to break bread with those you love and have had such an impact in your life. I weep everytime that I do this and it was a special time.

In going through these talks, I was reminded once again what I love about Emmaus. Yes, there are rules and guidelines that we must follow for this to be "OFFICIAL", but getting beyond the organizational, I love the spiritual aspect of it. So many nuggets of truth come out during the weekend. Today we learned about PERSEVERANCE--and how that must be done in community. So true. No of us can endure alone--we need each other. We learned about PRIESTHOOD OF THE BELIEVER--we're all priests. I loved the line from the talk today--"we're either Priests or Beasts...when we're pressed to be Christ to someone, which one comes out. We learned about walking in our FOURTH DAYS--everyday after your Walk. I previewed the MEANS OF GRACE talk where we talk about the sacrements of baptism and Lord's supper along with the many ways God surprises us with visitations of Grace in our daily journey.

So, all in all, it was a great start to the weekend. I'll be posting more here as the time nears. Just remember to lift up Walk #25 in April. It's always a holy time of the presence of the Lord.

Have you been on a Walk To Emmaus? If so, what was your experience like?


Anonymous said...

Another Emmaus person! Awesome! :) I went to Mountain Top Emmaus in western NC.

Found your blog because Chris (chrisfromcanada) responded that you might know something about flameless (electronic/LED) candles when I asked about them on Twitter. :)

Jim Drake said...


In fact my Assistant is going on her Walk tomorrow with the Mesquite Country.

Emmaus for me has been a refreshing pool--a reminder of the good things about the Christian journey. I work a Walk every 2 years or so.

I don't know if I could be of help with the candles. I have 36 of the LED (Battery) votives. Can give you a lead if you need them.