"My Garden will have a tall Caramel Macchiato please"

So I was working in the garden this morning and I noticed something.  For the last 6 months I've been feeding the soil Starbucks coffee...the grounds that is.  When you go to a local Starbucks, they have a pail just at the end of the line where they collect their coffee grounds for the day and package them for use in gardening and composting.  So I've put about 5-8 pounds of coffee grounds on this little garden for this period.  When I began to turn over the dirt, there were tons of worms (no doubt Starbucks customers) and the soild was so moist and loose.  You could smell the coffee grounds.  Just around the corner there was a section that I thought I would til ( it had not had the luxury of Starbucks)--the ground was like concrete!
Just proves the point if you feed the soil, it will yield good material for future growth.  There's a spiritual lesson here too.  The soil that I paid attention too was the best soil. The one I ignored was the bad soil. 
So--when you pick up your latte, as for some grounds and remember the growth principle here!