Something Old, Something New

As I get into blogging more and more, I'm finding that people have regular hooks (posts) that they use to keep their blogs fresh with new content. It may be a blog carnival like Water Cooler Wednesday on Randy Elrod's blog or Creative Chaos over on Carols Whittaker's site

My new friend Chris Vacher does a regular post on SOMETHING OLD AND SOMETHING NEW where he gives an old blog that he regularly reads and a new one he's found. So--I'm doing the same. I'll try to post these each Monday as it seems that over the weekend I have the most time to discover new posts.

SOMETHING OLD This is Chris' site. He is a worship Pastor from Canada that I met at the Recreate conference this year. He always has something extremely insightful to say and I depend on him to bring some of the new sites that I explore to the front. He loves hockey and is expecting his third child (girl #3) later this year.Chris here's props to you for inspiring my blogging to a new level

Diary of An Arts Pastor This is the blog of Arts Pastor, W.David O. Taylor, from Austin. I just found him over the weekend. He's been blogging for several years and I look forward to reading his past posts. One that caught my eye was about ARTIST and BEAUTY from back in 2006. You can read it here. David is a deep thinker. I'm going to enjoy his postings.

What's old or new in your reader? Share what your reading each day.


Chris from Canada said...

Nice - thanks for the link.

Your "something new" is exactly why I started doing those posts - I love his blog already! I had heard about the TC conference and I'm hoping to be able to go next year, if they run it again.