Artist In Your Church

This painting is at the entrance to our Prayer Stations today. It was painted back in 1994 by Amy Patton, a dear saint in our church who just passed away last month at the age of 94. This means that she would have painted this picture in her 80th year of life. She was an artist until 3 months before her passing (she had moved to China painting then)

Tonight, we'll also feature a painting by one of our church members in the Maundy Thursday service. It is an abstract picture of Golgotha and will tie in with our PORTRAITS of THE PASSION theme.

There are artist in every church. I've been blessed everywhere that I've served to have someone with an artistic eye, touch and canvas close by. Young and old they've all been a blessing to my ministry and to the churches they've served. I've come to cherish not only their works, but their artist hearts.

Who in your church is an artist? Have you asked them to share their gift with the body?