The Tiniest Hotel Room

Seeing this story on Yahoo! this morning reminded me of our 10th anniversary trip to San Fransico.  We stayed in a "Boutique" hotel.  I didn't know what that meant until we stepped into the lobby and realized these were very small rooms.  Ours was located at the end of the hallway at the very back of the hotel. We stepped into the room and the door hit our bed.  I could literally lay my head in the floor of the bathroom and put my feet on the end of the bed.  We both had to "dance" around each other just to get in and out of the bathroom to get ready. But you know, we weren't there that much and we'd have rather spent our money on something else. 
This story is about the POD hotels in NYC--only 70 Sq. feet of space to sleep in--and you share the bathroom down the hall with other guests.  Can you say college dorm?  Interesting!