Font Love

My new issue of  Dynamic Graphics arrived today.  I love this magazine. It's always fresh and exciting to see what is happening in the graphic world.  Each month they focus on  a different aspect of Graphic Design (color, texture, printing, marketing).  This month's issue focuses on Fonts.  In fact the main article is called FONT LOVE.  I think that's interesting because of this.

Thirty years ago the general public couldn't distinguish between Times New Roman and Arial.  Nor could we discern between sarif and sans sarif fonts.  But with the advent of desktop publishing, we've all become the text setters and printer specialist.  I'll look at advertisements and signs now, and I'll know what FONT that is and where they got it.

One of the most popular I see now floating around is BLEEDING COWBOY.  When I saw this on this site, I knew that it would be popular.  It has that American Eagle kind of look to it.  One of my favorite blogs even has it in it's Title (here)

What are some of your favorite fonts?  Are there old stand bys that you lean on?  Do you use COMIC SANS (gasp?).  

20/20 did a segment on COMIC SANS
This one made me laugh--because this is the way I feel as a designer--can I get a witness!


Randy said...


Thanks so much for joining us 'round the cultural watercooler at Ethos last week.

I would love for you to join us again this week with a post on your blog.

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