Don't Eat Snow

Ok..another thing that my children will never get to enjoy is...SNOW ICE CREAM! Arggh.... what else will they determine is bad for you? Read about it here on this site. Like we didn't already know that once you eat snow (snow ice cream that is) that you are going to have a sore throat. We know that--that is part of the trade off of getting to eat the stuff (now I won't eat yellow snow!!). Now they tell us that snow is full of deadly, poisonous, ravenous, treacherous, flesh eating, organ consuming, life taking bacteria! Duh!  But it tastes great!!!

One of my favorite childhood memories was getting a bowl of SNOW ICE CREAM at least once a year when the white fluffy stuff hit the brown dirt of West Texas.  It was a little gritty--but fun none the less.

Ok--Chris from Canada...can I get some brotherly snow support on this issue. Do you guys make Snow Ice Cream in the northern territories?

Let me know what you think.


Chris from Canada said...

Show ice cream? Dude, that's just weird.

Chris from Canada said...

Snow ice cream? Dude, that is not right.