Experiential Worship

My mind is on Easter week ( as it should be since it's EASTER). Mostly it's on the Experiential Worship that will take place on Thursday in our Prayer Stations (7Am-6Pm) just prior to our Maundy Thursday services.   This will be the third year for us to do this.  The last two have been traditional stations of the cross, but this year we've chosen to merge the stations with our teaching series on THE NINTH HOUR, the miracles around the cross.  We'll install everything on Wednesday.

I came across this site that is a companion to the Experiential Worship book seen here.  I've read this book.  It was one of my recommended readings for the Recreate Conference in February.

Look at this site to gain a wealth of knowledge about Experiential Worship.  There are all kinds of forms and expressions of it.  From simple to elaborate, it all focuses on  the wonder of God expressed through the senses.  So many times it worship all we engage is the mind, to the exclusion of the sight, smell, taste, touch of our faculties.    We used a video today in worship that was the visual expression of Isaiah 53 (For by his wounds we are healed).  The video shows scrolling words of sin being projected on to a "Crucifix" of Christ.   Wow! what a visual expression of a scripture and it gave us the opportunity to express that in song later in the service. 

This week we'll try to engage those senses.  I have some Frankincense and Myrrh candles that are potent--you won't be able to miss these. We'll have them touch, smell, taste, hear and see at most of these stations.  I'm excited about it and will post some pictures later.

What's your path to worship?  Is it intellectual?  That's ok.  Is it nature?  That's ok too?  Is it through the senses?  Go for it.  Whatever it is that connects you--do it with all of your might and enjoy the journey of worship.