Somebody Done Called the Po Po

from  (Special Report with Brit Hume)

"A Michigan church has filed a federal lawsuit after police officers and a prosecutor barged in without a warrant.The officers say they were responding to complaints from neighbors who said the church's music was too loud.

But Faith Baptist Church in Waterford alleges its freedom of religious expression, freedom of speech and freedom of association were violated. Richard Thompson — president of a Christian law firm representing the church – says, "They were not invited. They burst into the church. Unless they had an arrest warrant or a search warrant, they had no right to go there except for worship.”

But Prosecutor Walter Bedell says, "The whole issue is not the type of music — it's the music and the volume..."
Township Supervisor Carl Solden added, "I would think 'love thy neighbor' would enter into this somewhere."

You can also read about it here
Thanks Rich Kirkpatrick for this important post.  Anyone want to bail me out?